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Lightning in a Jar

Inspiration is a hard thing to hold down. For me it seems to come at moments when I have no creative outlet and this is something I find frustrating. We can’t choose when inspiration will come to us so how do we catch it and more importantly, keep hold of it?  

I am currently on a mission to learn when I am being struck by inspiration and how to best act on it, although because of this I am now met with a series of Dilemas. 

Do you cancel plans to work on an inspired project?

When I am on a roll I really don’t want to break it. I’m sure many people would agree with this. But as I have found that inspiration can hit at very unexpected times, you may find yourself cancelling a meeting or appointment which in turn could have broken your train of thought or even offered you an extra dose of enthusiasm for your project. How could you ever know?

Do you up and leave as soon as inspiration hits?

So if you’re out with friends and everyone is having a good time but you get an impulse to work, is it right to leave everything you’re doing just to pursue the flash of vision you have had?

Do you prioritise inspiration above all else?

Self-fulfilment is something that is very important and nobody wants regrets. So with this in mind do you proceed to work on something fulfilling in your life before spending a lot of time on relationships? (Unless of course relationships are were you find fulfilment.) 

These are questions I am finding very difficult to answer.

I once heard a about a theory which is referred to as “THE BIG ROCK THEORY.” The idea being that if you have big rocks, sand and a bowl. The big rocks representing the most important things in your life and the sand representing everything else. If you put the sand into a bowl first then try and fit the big rocks in, there wont be enough room. But if you put the rocks into the bowl first, the sand will fit in around them.

I think as long as you keep focus on what inspires you and makes you happy, then everything else falls into place. If you don’t give time to the important things in your life then you will feel like you are on a treadmill and never have time for the things that you love. I believe this is why we have gut feelings and should ALWAYS act on them.

Much Love


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